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My Car Check is the UK’s number one vehicle checker. We don’t just do car checks, we also provide van checks and bike checks too. If you’re looking to buy a used car, used van or used motorbike, it’s extremely important that you check the vehicle’s history first.

Buying a used van or motorbike carries the same amount of risk and complexity as buying a used car. Just like a car; a van or bike can be registered as stolen, have outstanding finance or have been written off.

Small businesses - Are you buying a used van?

  • Can you afford to lose an asset and the money spent because it has been recovered by the police or a finance company?
  • Can you afford the inconvenience and loss of earnings when you have to find a replacement?
  • Can you risk receiving a fine, penalty points or disqualification because your vehicle is uninsured or not holding a valid MOT certificate due to it being in a dangerous condition or written-off?

Easy riders - Are you buying a used bike?

  • Are you willing to risk your life by riding a motorbike that has previously been written-off?
  • Can you afford to lose the money saved to buy your new weekend ride because it has been taken away by the police or a finance company?
  • Imagine how you’d feel if an unscrupulous seller ripped you off by providing false vehicle details, making you believe it was a superior model?

What we include in our vehicle checks:

  • Write off / accident damage
  • Colour changes
  • Date first registered
  • Valuation*
  • Make and model
  • Year manufactured
  • Outstanding finance
  • Scrapped
  • Engine number and size*
  • Stolen (Police interest)
  • Plate transfers
  • Imported or exported
  • Mileage*
  • Number of keepers
  • Colour
  • Common faults*
  • VIN (chassis number) confirmation
  • Fuel type
* Subject to availability

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Check before you buy

It’s quick, easy and low cost to take the risk out of buying a used bike. Our motorcycle checks start from £1.99 (Classic check), have up to a £20,000 guarantee (Platinum check) and take only a few minutes to obtain.