How can we help you

How can we help you

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How can we help you

We have put together some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out, If you can’t find the answer to your question, you can send us a message through our contact us page

What is a vehicle check?

A good quality vehicle check (also known as DVLA check, hire purchase information check, or Reg check) will reveal details about a vehicles life that the seller might not tell you. With 1 in 3 used cars checked by 'My Car Check' having a hidden history, there's a chance the vehicle you’re looking at might have outstanding finance running into thousands. It may have been written off, clocked or even stolen. Motor dealers have been using vehicle checks for many years to confirm if cars are 'clear'. So, considering the implications of safety, legal or financial 'red flags', can you afford not to know the facts? Types of essential vehicle check data are: • Outstanding finance • Stolen • Written off • Scrapped • Exported • Imported • Colour change • Number plate change

How do I save a vehicle check?

With 'mycarcheck' the good news is you don't need to save a vehicle check. We've made sure that as soon as you've done the vehicle check its automatically saved to your account. The cool thing is you can access the report at any time in 'my checks' on the web. Even better it won't get removed unless your account is closed.

How do I retrieve a check?

All the vehicle checks you purchase from 'My Car Check' are saved to your 'my checks' area. Log in to your account via the website then make your way to the 'my checks' area. The 'my checks' section will list all your previous vehicles checks. If you had previously purchased checks on the old mycarcheck website, we can run a fresh check against that vehicle reg when you claim your old checks. If that vehicle’s reg is still able to be looked-up mycarcheck will provide a new report with refreshed data.

Why doesn't a vehicle check show the name and address of the current owner/keeper?

Unfortunately, the UK Government doesn't allow this data to be publicly available. If you think you've got a reasonable cause to access this information you can request it from the DVLA using form V888 Examples of reasonable cause • finding out who was responsible for an accident • tracing the registered keeper of an abandoned vehicle • tracing the registered keeper of a vehicle parked on private land • giving out parking tickets • giving out trespass charge notices • tracing people responsible for driving off without paying for goods and services • tracing people suspected of insurance fraud

Why doesn't a vehicle check tell me about minor accidents?

Accidents involving vehicles are an everyday occurrence and most of these don't lead to an insurance write-off. Accidents reported to insurers may be deemed safe and financially economical to repair. When this happens you won't see this recorded on a vehicle check, insurers don't share this information. A minor accident might not be reported to an insurer so it could have been repaired at the previous owner's expense. Only very honest sellers are likely to share this. A vehicle check will provide details if the accident damage was a write-off category (A, B, C, D, S, N) or if it has been scrapped or destroyed.

How long is a vehicle check report accurate for?

We get regular updates from our data suppliers and your vehicle check will tell you the latest information we’ve received about the vehicle at the time it’s created. Surprisingly this can change as soon as the next day. It's especially important for serious warnings such as stolen, write-off or outstanding finance.

Where can I find my VAT invoice?

Invoices are available on the my invoices page. You must be using the same account, or session, as the original purchase.
Car History Check

car history check

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