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Vehicle History Check by Text

Text any UK Vehicle Reg to: 83600

SMS Texts cost £3 (2x£1.50) plus your usual network rate

In the last 90 days we have checked over 26,000 UK vehicles via our SMS text vehicle history check service MyTextCheck

During that time we found that more than 28% of vehicles checked by text had some kind of a hidden history revealed by the data, that’s over 7,600 vehicles, with the potential to impact on many, many people, families and businesses.

No credit cards needed & charged through your phone carrier at £3 (2x£1.50) plus your usual network rate

Hidden history factors searched for by a mytextcheck vehicle history check include:

  • stolen ✔️
  • scrapped ✔️
  • write-off ✔️
  • last 4 digits of the VIN number ✔️
  • no. of previous keepers ✔️
  • colour changes ✔️
  • make & model info ✔️
  • valuation data ✔️

Sample period for usage statistics: 14th Mar '24 to 12th Jun '24.

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Our vehicle checks include information gathered from various third parties that we work with, including the DVLA, the Police, MIAFTR and finance companies. You can be confident that we've provided you with the information we have available at the time of your check to help you make your purchase decision. Our service relies on the supply of data from third parties which can't be certified as complete and accurate.

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Car History Check

car history check

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data analysis from 12th Mar '24 to 12th Jun '24