A Guide to the New ULEZ Proposal

A Guide to the New ULEZ Proposal

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The controversial new ULEZ expansion is coming this year, and it will dramatically change the way you get around town. The new proposal will mean that drivers of cars with older, more polluting engines must pay an additional daily fee to drive in certain parts of London. Here are the details you need to know.

Where is ULEZ expanding to in 2023?

The ULEZ is expanding to cover most of Greater London in 2023. This expansion will include the North and South Circular roads, as well as areas within the M25 boundary but outside the current boundaries of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). The expanded area also includes parts of some outer boroughs such as Hounslow and Hillingdon.

The ULEZ expansion will mean that drivers of older, more polluting vehicles will have to pay £12.50 in addition to the Congestion Charge if they wish to enter the expanded zone from 8am-8pm, 7 days a week.

The Mayor of London has estimated that up to 500,000 vehicles per day could be affected by the expanded ULEZ, contributing significantly towards a cleaner and healthier environment for residents in the capital. The ULEZ expansion is part of a package of measures aimed at reducing air pollution in London and is viewed as an important step towards achieving the Mayor of London's ambition to make London a zero-emission city by 2050.

How do you know if you have entered the ULEZ zone?

All drivers entering the ULEZ zone will be notified by a new road sign. This will indicate that you are entering an area where additional charges may apply and provide information on how to pay the charge. There will also be an automated payment system in place, which can detect your vehicle registration number as it enters and leaves the ULEZ area and automatically deduct the appropriate charge.

What cars are charged in ULEZ?

The ULEZ applies to vehicles that do not meet the Euro 4 emissions standards for all petrol cars registered from 2006 onwards and Euro 6 for diesel cars registered from 2015 onwards. Cars breaching the new standards will face an additional charge of £12.50 on top of the Congestion Charge when driving in the ULEZ zone. Motorbikes, buses and coaches exceeding these standards will also be liable for the additional charge.

What is the oldest car that is ULEZ compliant?

The oldest cars that meet the Euro 4 emissions standard for petrol vehicles are from 2006, while the oldest cars to meet the Euro 6 emissions standard for diesel vehicles are from 2015. Therefore, any car manufactured prior to these dates will not be ULEZ compliant and could face additional charges when driving in the expanded zone.

Can I make my car ULEZ friendly?

Yes, it is possible to make your car ULEZ compliant. This could involve retrofitting existing cars with emissions-reducing technology, or upgrading to a newer model that meets the required standards. It is also important to ensure that you keep your vehicle regularly serviced and maintained in order to reduce emissions as much as possible.

It is clear that the proposed ULEZ expansion will have a massive impact on drivers in London. It is therefore important to understand how the new regulations will affect you and to take necessary steps to ensure that your vehicle meets the required standards.

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