Car Registration Check

Car Registration Check

There can be any number of reasons why a car might see a registration plate change over the years, most of which are innocent enough. However, some unscrupulous sellers will use this as a way of covering up the car’s real history, which can leave you with little knowledge of the vehicle you are driving. A car registration check is a great way to mitigate these risks, and it couldn’t be easier.

What is a Car Registration Check?

Part of checking a vehicle’s history is looking at its registration. There is a lot of information that gets associated with a particular registration, and it might be that untrustworthy sellers change a number plate to hide a history that might end up costing you a lot of money in the long run.

With a registration check, you will see a complete history of the car’s plates, from its first one to its latest one. That way, you can match the plate to the VRM (Vehicle Registration Mark) it was changed to as well as the date it was said to have been changed.

Why You Need a Car Registration Check

Cars change registration all the time, with some changing due to having a personalised number plate to show off. Even if this is the case, the seller should be honest and upfront about it. If they are not, or you find out later that the plate has been changed to conceal the car’s less than savoury past, you could find yourself in trouble before you even set out on the road.

The car may have been stolen or it might have been in a serious accident, both of which can be hidden behind a new, fresh number plate. Some sellers might even use a new plate to hide the outstanding finance associated with the car and the previous plate, so it pays to have your doubts quashed and the true history of the car revealed.

Why Choose mycarcheck for Your Car Registration Check?

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and with mycarcheck you are always safe. We collate data from a huge range of trusted sources across the UK, including the DVLA, DVSA, and the Police. Every time you perform a check with us, you’ll get the most recent data available. This means that you will have full peace of mind before you part with your cash, so you can buy your car with confidence.