Car Mileage Check

Car Mileage Check

When you buy a car, you want to trust that the mileage shown on the clock is correct. Oftentimes it will be, but there can be discrepancies that you as a potential buyer need to know about.


Why You Need a Car Mileage Check

Knowing the true mileage of the car you want to buy will help you understand just how well the previous owners have taken care of it. The more miles it has spent on the road, the more chance something could go wrong in the future.

Mileage also affects value quite considerably, so it can be in the interests of a less-than-savoury seller to make it appear as though the car has done fewer miles. Sellers who want to fudge the numbers can do so by ‘clocking’ the odometer and reducing the number it shows. Issues like this are highlighted when you perform a car mileage check.

What Are the Risks of Not Getting a Car Mileage Check?

It is illegal in the UK to knowingly sell a car that has its mileage clocked, but this does not stop dishonest dealers. Also, it may be that a private seller is not aware that their car has been clocked previously, meaning they are not breaking the law but the person buying from them will suffer as a result.

The risks of owning a car without proper clarity over mileage are important to consider. With incorrect mileage you won’t be able to ascertain how worn certain car parts are or when they were previously replaced. Future maintenance will be compromised and the road risk becomes higher and higher with every passing mile.

Is a Car Mileage Check from mycarcheck Reliable?

We’ve been in the business for over fifteen years, collecting information from a wide range of trusted sources. The data we source is trusted and as accurate as possible, so you know that every car mileage check you perform with mycarcheck will give you the peace of mind you need before you part with your money.


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