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Car Identity Check

Car Identity Check

Learning as much as you can about a car before you buy is important if you want peace of mind. Parting with your hard-earned cash and ending up with a vehicle full of issues will leave you out of pocket and expecting to pay more to get it up to scratch.

A car identity check will give you the clarity you need. Using a huge selection of data from the UK’s most trusted sources, including the DVLA and the Police, you can have all the information ready at your fingertips so you can buy with confidence.


What is a Car Identity Check?

We present our car identity checks in a free check complete with all available information about your car. We have three levels of checks, going from our most basic all the way to a comprehensive fact sheet that will give you information about outstanding finance, MOT status and history, valuation data, and whether the cart has been written off or has a record of being stolen.

You’ll also be able to check other information like make, model, colour, license plate, engine size, and the number of previous owners matches up to what you are being told by the seller.

Why Choose mycarcheck for a Car Identity Check?

There are many reasons why you would need to know the information listed above. Cars that have a hidden history can end up costing new owners a lot of money. When it comes to parting with hard earned money, the last thing you want is to end up giving it away to an unscrupulous seller who is not telling the whole truth about the vehicle.

We’ve been serving the car community with car identity checks since 2005, ensuring that buyers have everything they need at their fingertips before they make a purchase. The used car market is gargantuan, and even though we’d like to believe that every seller is trustworthy, unfortunately that just is not the case. Save yourself from financial trouble and get a check with mycarcheck today.

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