FORD MONDEO ST 24 Comprehensive report created on 7th August 2019


Do not proceed to purchase, follow guidance
Outstanding Finance Outstanding finance agreement recorded with A FINANCE CO.
  • Agreement type: Conditional Sale
  • Agreement term: 3 years
  • Agreement reference number: CDL000I135
Please contact them on 01234 987 654 if further investigation is required.
Write-off Recorded as Cat C on 21/04/2007
DO NOT proceed to purchase until you have made further enquiries about any damage with the seller and you are satisfied with all the paperwork.
Stolen Recorded as stolen on 10/11/2007 by West Yorkshire Police.
DO NOT proceed to purchase and call the police on 101 as soon as possible with as much detail about the seller and where the vehicle is being advertised.
Scrapped Certificate of destruction issued on 01/08/2008.
DO NOT proceed to purchase. For enquires call the DVLA on 0300 790 6802.


Make sure to check items before purchase
VIN (Last 4 digits) Check vehicle: Does this match the vehicle's VIN? *************CCQQ
Make sure to check that the VIN shown here matches the actual vehicle before agreeing to buy this vehicle.
Engine Number Check the engine number: WU52068
Make sure to check this matches the actual vehicle before agreeing to buy this vehicle.
Number of former keepers Check V5C: 7 former keepers.
Make sure to compare this number against the V5C before agreeing to buy this vehicle.
Last Keeper Change Check V5C: Last recorded change on 16/01/2008.
Make sure to compare the last change details against the V5C before agreeing to buy this vehicle.
Vehicle Purchase Receipt Download, complete and sign when you purchase this vehicle.
Make sure both you and the seller complete and sign the Vehicle Purchase Receipt before you exchange payment. Failure to provide the Vehicle purchase Receipt will make any claim under our Vehicle Check Guarantee invalid.
Recorded Mileages Check odometer: 130,758 miles on 18/11/2018.
  • 130,758 miles on 08/11/2018
  • 130,597 miles on 30/10/2018
  • 126,972 miles on 10/11/2017
  • 123,954 miles on 09/12/2016
  • 120,725 miles on 09/12/2015
  • 114,955 miles on 12/12/2014
  • 110,337 miles on 11/12/2013
  • 106,981 miles on 13/12/2012
  • 98,434 miles on 20/12/2011
  • 89,753 miles on 13/12/2010
  • 80,954 miles on 11/12/2009
Make sure to check that the most recent recorded mileage roughly matches the vehicle's odometer before agreeing to buy this vehicle.


Ensure you are happy with these items
Plate Change Recorded plate change
  • I199III
    Original Plate 30th June 2014
  • I135III
    30th June 2014 Current Plate
Ensure you are happy that the documentation matches the vehicle.


No problems identified
Exported No recorded warning.
At RiskNo recorded warning.
Colour ChangeNo recorded warning.
Destroyed No recorded warning.


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