Pro History Check - Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Pro History Check include?

The service provides a vehicle history check with the following information:

  • Outstanding finance
  • Valuation
  • Stolen
  • Written off
  • Exported
  • Colour and plate changes
  • Vehicle description from DVLA

This product is no longer available to new customers. Existing customers can log in and use this service using the link provided.

Pro History Checks cost £3 each and must be purchased in a bundle of 20.

1. Download our free iOS or Android apps

2. Log in on the app

Using the account details for this website, log in to the app. If you are already logged in, tap the ‘Refresh’ button on the account screen.

Screenshot for login page
Screenshot for login page

3. Search for a vehicle

Enter a registration number and perform a free search

Screenshot for search page
Screenshot for search page

4. Tap the 'Pro History Check' option

If the vehicle has valuations available you will be asked to confirm the valuation matched and the current mileage of the vehicle. After confirming that a credit will be used the history check report will be displayed.

Example of a free lookup
Example of a free lookup

Why can't I see the Pro History Check option on my app?

To use the Pro History Check you must have purchased credits on and then logged in to your MyCarCheck account on our iOS or Android apps. If you have done this and still cannot see the option please contact us.

Valuations may not be available for every vehicle, particularly classic or low-volume models.