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31st August, 2006

Vehicle Accident Assessment

After a vehicle has been involved in an accident, the owner will contact their insurance company. They will generally fill out an accident report and forward it to the insurers, the vehicle will then be inspected by an insurance assessor - either employed by the insurance company or a freelance insurance assessor - the assessor will also fill out an accident report and assess the damage to the vehicle. The assessment of the vehicle that is included in the car accident report, will be based on the financial cost.

The insurer will then decide to repair or declare a total insurance loss - aka a write-off. In other words: it is not worthwhile to repair a vehicle if the cost is greater than a replacement vehicle or the sum insured. If the assessor decides to declare the vehicle a total loss it will be placed into one of four categories:

  • A: Beyond repair vehicle must be crushed
  • B: vehicles body must be crushed, may be used for supplying some replacement parts:
  • C: vehicle has been extensively damaged and repaired
  • D: Vehicle has been damaged, insurer decided not to repair.

If it states on the car accident report that the vehicle has been a Category A total loss then, if a vehicle was to be registered again, it would have to go through a VIC check carried out by VOSA to establish the vehicle identity. It should also appear on the registration document as a Category A, the same goes for B and C.

However a Category D is not required to go through a vehicle identity check (VIC). These categories are extremely useful in collating vehicle accident history on a given registration number. Some vehicles have even been written off several times and this will show on a mycarcheck.com car accident report or vehicle accident report as it is included within our vehicle data check.

If you want to purchase a vehicle included in a car accident report then you must declare this to the insurance company, otherwise they may not pay out in the event of an accident or claim if this had not been made known to them when you were first insured.

Remember insurance companies do not check vehicles before they insure them for adverse car history or car damage reports, it is down to the vehicle owner to do this.

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