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Motor Industry News

29th January, 2013

MyCarCheck.com/Trade launched!

3rd May, 2012

Cars stolen for export

28th October, 2010

Tyred and confused?

4th October, 2010

Five-a-day - the bad way

9th March, 2010

New Car Insurance Channel

14th December, 2009

My Car Club is live on Facebook

10th July, 2008

Beware of Bogus DVLA conmen

13th March, 2008

£950 Car Showroom Tax

8th February, 2008

Dealer in court for 'clocking'

1st February, 2008

Scottish road tolls abolished

31st January, 2008

Drive safely - in Polish.

26th January, 2008

Petrol Pump Robots!

4th January, 2008

Cars stolen by city gangs

17th December, 2007

Sat Nav thefts increase

14th October, 2007

Good Samaritan days are over

12th September, 2007

Change in law to stop clones

10th August, 2007

Stolen car was stolen again!

27th July, 2007

Storm damaged vehicles

16th February, 2007

New Valuation Data

15th February, 2007

Car Check Importance

25th January, 2007

Brand new car was a 'write-off'

31st December, 2006

Testimonials from happy customers

22nd December, 2006

European Driving Licence

22nd December, 2006

Cloned Story 'Pride and Joy'

29th November, 2006

End of the yearly MoT test

24th November, 2006

Family's plea over car tragedy

10th November, 2006

Buying from a car auction

14th October, 2006

Less likely to die in a 4x4

31st August, 2006

Vehicle Accident Assessment

25th August, 2006

Front Seat Passengers

20th August, 2006

New Car Reliability League

2nd July, 2006

Dodgy motors on our roads

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