Motorcycle Checks by My Car Check

My Car Check is the UK’s number one vehicle checker. We don’t just do car checks, we also provide motorcycle checks too. If you’re looking to buy a used motorbike, it’s extremely important that you check its history first.

Always check before you buy

Buying a motorcycle is a big deal. Our checks reveal a bike's full history, enabling you to make a more informed decision.

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Since 2005, we've saved millions of people from making costly used vehicle mistakes.

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We hold data from the police, DVLA, and finance and insurance firms. Why risk buying a bike without knowing the facts?

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Buying a used motorbike carries the same amount of risk and complexity as buying a used car. Just like a car, a bike can be registered as stolen, have outstanding finance or have been written off.

Written Off

Are you willing to risk your life by riding a motorbike that has previously been written-off?

Outstanding Debt or Stolen

Can you afford to lose money because your bike has been taken away by the police or a finance company?

Misleading Details

How would you feel if a dodgy seller ripped you off by making you believe it was a superior model?

What we include in our vehicle checks:

  • Write off / accident damage
  • Colour changes
  • Date first registered
  • Valuation*
  • Make and model
  • Year manufactured
  • Outstanding finance
  • Scrapped
  • Engine number and size*
  • Stolen (Police interest)
  • Plate transfers
  • Imported or exported
  • Mileage*
  • Number of keepers
  • Colour
  • VIN (chassis number) confirmation
  • Fuel type
* Subject to availability

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Check before you buy

It’s quick, easy and low cost to take the risk out of buying a used bike. Our motorcycle checks start from £1.99 (Classic check), have up to a £20,000 guarantee (Platinum check) and take only a few minutes to obtain.

Tips for buying and selling a used motorcycle

Buying and selling a motorcycle can be just as confusing as buying or selling a car, so make sure you’re prepared by reading our top tips.