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Report Guide

An explanation of the information provided in the report is included below. The report is fictional, you can see it in full on the example report. If you have any further questions about the information supplied please contact us.

Information marked with * may not be included on all our checks or may not be available for all vehicles, please see the notes under the marked information.

Vehicle Information

Make & Model Ford Fiesta Freestyle

The Make and Model of the vehicle as recorded by the DVLA. We do not store information about the specifics of the vehicle, such as whether it has any optional extras.

VIN Check The VIN you supplied, EXAMPLEVIN1234567, matches the one we hold for this registration.

The VIN is displayed on the dashboard of some cars. We cannot display the full VIN until you enter a VIN retrieved from the vehicle itself as VINs may be used to clone a vehicle. However, if you have the VIN you may use our VIN check to compare it to our records.

Engine Size 1242cc
Engine Number 12A661452

The size of the engine and its number. The number may be used to identify a specific engine and therefore whether the engine in the vehicle has been changed.

First Registered 20 Feb 2004
Year Manufactured 2004

The date the vehicle was registered with the DVLA and the year when the vehicle was manufactured according to DVLA records.

Former Keepers 1
Last Keeper Change The last recorded change of keeper occurred on 1 Aug 2005.

The number of registered keepers prior to the current keeper. If the vehicle has had a former keeper, the date of the last recorded change of keeper will be included.

Body 3 Door Hatchback

The type of vehicle.

Colour Red

The current colour recorded for the vehicle.

Purchase Receipt To enable your guarantee please complete the purchase receipt that is included with your check.

Vehicle Checks

At Risk *

This vehicle may be recorded as being at risk of fraud or theft. However as it has undergone a plate transfer, further investigation is required. Please call 0330 331 0030.

If you are intending to purchase this vehicle we strongly suggest you do not proceed until you are satisfied there are no issues.

A vehicle that is 'At Risk' is one where a third party has notified us that they have an interest in the vehicle, and that the vehicle may be at high risk of being part of a fraudulent sale or being stolen.

A common example is a rental vehicle, where the rental company still owns the vehicle but it is in the possession of another party, who may try to fraudulently sell it.

If a vehicle is notified as being 'At Risk' we strongly suggest that you do not proceed with any purchase until you are fully satisfied that the third party's interest has been removed and there are no remaining issues with the vehicle.

Colour changes We have no record of this vehicle being subject to a colour change.

Whether there is a record of the colour of the vehicle being changed. This may be indicative of a respray, possibly due to accident damage, or may simply be a mistake in the recording of the original colour that has subsequently been fixed.

Plate Transfer * This registration has been involved in a plate change, the transfer history is displayed below.

Registration On Off
HG07VXK   31 Jan 2008
1MCC 31 Jan 2008  

Whether the vehicle has been involved in a change of registration plates. In the majority of cases this will be due to private plates being used on the vehicle. The transfer history is only available on our Gold and Platinum Checks.

Scrapped We have no record of this vehicle being scrapped.

A scrapped vehicle has been taken off the road and destroyed. This information indicates whether the DVLA has been notified that the vehicle in question has been scrapped. The details of a scrapped vehicle can be used to clone another vehicle and give it a new identity.

Exported We have no record of this vehicle being exported.

Whether the vehicle was exported. Some other information given by the check will only include events that occurred when the vehicle was in the UK and so an exported vehicle may have an unknown history.

Stolen We have no record of this vehicle being stolen.

Whether the vehicle is registered on the PNC (Police National Computer) or insurance records as being stolen. If you purchase a stolen vehicle you will not own it and will lose the money you paid for it. If a stolen vehicle is later recovered it will be removed from the PNC stolen register and will not be displayed as stolen on our check.

Stolen & Recovered This registration was recorded as stolen & recovered on 8 Jul 2010.

We will inform you if the vehicle has been written off (see below) and stolen and recovered at the same time.

Insurance Write-off This registration was recorded as a Category C write-off on 8 Jul 2010.

When a vehicle is damaged in an accident and the insurer decides that the vehicle is not to be repaired the vehicle is classed as a write-off. The date given may not be the date that the damaged occurred on. The category of write-off determines how serious the damage was to the vehicle; the categories are listed in the next section.

Vehicle ID Check This registration is recorded as having passed a Vehicle Identification Check on 29 Jul 2010.

Whether the vehicle has undergone a Vehicle Identification Check (VIC) performed by a Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) certified inspector. All vehicles written off in categories A, B or C must be passed by a VIC prior to being returned to the road. For more information please visit Gov.UK.

Note that the VIC does not reveal the condition of the vehicle, but instead confirms its identity to prevent stolen vehicles being disguised with the identity of a written off vehicle.

A - Scrap only (i.e. with few or no economically salvageable parts and which is of value only for scrap metal).
B - Break for spare parts if economically viable (excluding any residual scrap value).
C - Repairable total loss vehicles where repair costs including VAT exceed the vehicle's pre-accident value.
D - Repairable total loss vehicle where repair costs including VAT do not exceed the vehicle's pre-accident value.

Recorded Mileages

We have the following mileages recorded for this registration:

  • 20,879 miles recorded on 18 Feb 2007
  • 20,701 miles recorded on 12 Feb 2007
  • 20,408 miles recorded on 24 Jan 2007
  • 13,600 miles recorded on 9 Feb 2006

Please note that mileages are supplied by third parties and are not validated. Mileages may be rounded to the nearest thousand.

Mileage records are provided by the DVLA and other sources. Our Classic check does not include mileage records but an option will be presented if we have records for the specific vehicle being checked. Mileages will be provided with our Gold and Platinum checks.

Renault Scenic (2003-09) 5Dr MPV 1.6 VVT Expression Auto
Forecourt Private Sale Trade-in Auction New
£2,610 £1,960 £1,670 £1,520 £15,725

A standard mileage for this vehicle's age of 90,000 miles was used for this valuation.

Where available, valuation data is based on input from various sources. It applies to undamaged vehicles, as any dents or scratches are likely to devalue the car.