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At My Car Check we work hard to ensure that our vehicle check reports are clear and easy to understand. For further guidance as to what each of the markers means, please see the information below.

If you have any questions about our car reg check reports, please don't hesitate to contact our UK based call centre: 0330 331 0030.

Our expert customer service representatives have vast experience in handling car checker data and will be more than happy to explain in detail what each marker means.

Our role is not to tell you whether to buy a vehicle or not, but we take great pride in helping consumers to make more informed used car choices.

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The My Car Check Team

Information marked with † may not be included on all our checks or may not be available for all vehicles, please see the notes under the marked information.

Vehicle Information

The Make and Model of the vehicle as recorded with the DVLA.
Make & Model Audi A6 S Line Tdi Cvt
Either of the above messages will be displayed depending on whether you have entered the full 17 digit VIN or not. This check is essential as it ensures the bodywork of the vehicle matches the registration you have checked. You can either call us to confirm the VIN or enter details online prior to purchase. If the VIN you have does not match what we hold please DO NOT proceed to purchase and call us as soon as possible.
VIN Check You have not performed a VIN check yet.
The VIN you supplied, EXAMPLEVIN1234567, matches the one we hold for this registration.
This provides the CC (Cubic Capacity) of the vehicle. These figures are generally rounded up or down to the nearest 100cc e.g. 998cc = 1.0Litre vehicle. 1598cc = 1.6Litre vehicle.
Engine Size 1968cc
These can be tricky to find although this number can be cross-referenced against the V5C Logbook. If you have concerns that the engine may have been changed it may be worth spending the extra time to locate this on the vehicle. If you are unsure where to find this please refer to your local dealership service department for the relevant make of vehicle.
Engine Number CBDS545161
This date refers to the Date of First Registration (DOFR) in the UK. If the date given doesn’t correspond to the year of manufacture it may be that you are looking at an imported vehicle or a vehicle used before first registration.
First Registered 18 Mar 2013
The Year of Manufacture gives the TRUE age of the vehicle and tells us in which year the vehicle was built. If the year given differs from the Date of First Registration, again, this can indicate the vehicle is imported or was used before the Date of First Registration.
Year Manufactured 2013
Former means 'previous' therefore a report that indicates zero former keepers translates to one owner from new. One former keeper translates to one former keeper and one current, and so on.
Former Keepers 1
This date indicates when the current keeper acquired the vehicle and registered it with their details.
Last Keeper Change The last recorded change of keeper occurred on 1 May 2013
The body of a vehicle indicates what type of chassis or shell it has e.g. Saloon, Hatchback, Estate, Convertible etc.
Body Estate
This indicates the colour of the vehicle. It is worth noting that DVLA will only list base colours and do not provide shades or variants of colours. Colours such as Aquamarine, which may look green or blue, will only be listed as one.
Colour Grey
To enable your guarantee please complete the free purchase receipt template provided and retain with your records. This also provides proof of any vehicle sale that has taken place and turns a verbal agreement into a written one in case of any disputes.
Purchase Receipt To enable your guarantee please complete the purchase receipt that is included with your check.

Vehicle Checks

This will indicate if a marker for outstanding finance has been recorded against the vehicle file. Only the finance company that has placed the marker against the vehicle has the authority to remove it. In such circumstances, please DO NOT proceed with the purchase until you have spoken to our call centre. If the debt has been cleared we can help to start the process of removing the marker. If the vehicle still has previous debt secured against it, our usual recommendation is to NOT proceed with the purchase until clearance can be granted by the finance company. A more detailed explanation of finance issues can be found on our Help – Outstanding Finance page
Outstanding Finance † This registration is recorded as having outstanding finance. Please call 0330 331 0030 if further investigation is required.

A vehicle that is 'At Risk' is one where a third party has notified us that they have an interest in the vehicle, and that the vehicle may be at high risk of being part of a fraudulent sale or being stolen.

A common example is a rental vehicle, where the rental company still owns the vehicle but it is in the possession of another party, who may try to fraudulently sell it.

If a vehicle is notified as being 'At Risk' we strongly suggest that you do not proceed with any purchase until you are fully satisfied that the third party's interest has been removed and there are no remaining issues with the vehicle.

At Risk †

This vehicle may be recorded as being at risk of fraud or theft. However as it has undergone a plate transfer, further investigation is required. Please call 0330 331 0030.

If you are intending to purchase this vehicle we strongly suggest you do not proceed until you are satisfied there are no issues.

This will indicate whether the vehicle checked has ever been recorded as having a colour change with the DVLA. It is important to note that if you advise the DVLA the colour they hold on record is incorrect (see 'Colour' notes above) a new document will be issued indicating the new colour you have informed them of. However, this WILL get recorded as a colour change when, in most cases, it tends to be just a difference of opinion as to what the colour is.
Colour changes † We have no record of this vehicle being subject to a colour change.
Approximately 26% of all vehicles undergo a plate transfer during their lifetime. This doesn't necessarily indicate a problem with the vehicle. It simply indicates that the vehicle has had more than one Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) while registered. Plate Transfers are sometimes called cherished transfers or more commonly, private plates. Please ensure the report given provides details of all VRMs back to the Date of First Registration. Also bear in mind that swapping VRMs can sometimes be a method to try and hide an adverse history. This is why we check all plates the vehicle has carried as part of our vehicle check.
Plate Transfer †

We have no record of this registration being subject to a colour change.

This is a notification that the vehicle has been disposed of and a 'Scrap' marker has been recorded with the DVLA. If a Scrap marker is presented on any check we advise you NOT to purchase the vehicle until you have made further enquires.
Scrapped We have no record of this vehicle being scrapped.
This means that the vehicle has been recorded as permanently exported with the DVLA. If presented with an exported marker, we advise you NOT to purchase the vehicle until you have made further enquiries. The DVLA will not hold a current file on the vehicle and the vehicle would need to be reregistered in the UK prior to use.
Exported We have no record of this vehicle being exported.
Stolen markers indicate that the vehicle has been recorded as stolen with the Police on the PNC (Police National Computer). Please DO NOT purchase the vehicle if one of these markers is presented. Additionally, please try to obtain as many details as you can about the seller, the stated location and where the vehicle is being advertised. In such cases, please call My Car Check immediately on 0330 331 0030 or the police on 101.
Stolen This registration was recorded stolen on the Police National Computer on 20 Jul 2013 by Strathclyde Police.
Stolen and Recovered markers will only be present on a report if the vehicle has been reported stolen to an insurance company and on recovery the vehicle was deemed damaged enough to be classed as a written off vehicle. Stolen and Recovered markers are not presented when a vehicle has been reported stolen to an insurance company and on recovery any damage was minimal or no damage was sustained.
Stolen & Recovered † This registration was recorded as stolen & recovered on 1 Aug 2013.
Insurance Write-off markers will be presented when a vehicle has been in an accident and on assessment by the insurer's engineer the damage was deemed great enough for the vehicle to be considered a structural or financial write off. A more detailed explanation of these markers and how they can affect vehicle values can be found on our Recorded Accident Damage page.
Insurance Write-off This registration was recorded as a Category A write-off on 1 Aug 2013.

A Vehicle Identification Check (VIC) is a check completed by VOSA (the Vehicle Operator and Standards Agency) on any vehicle that has been classed as a previous Category A, B or C loss vehicle. Category D loss vehicles do NOT require a VIC check. It is important to note that ANY vehicle classed as a category A, B or C loss that has not undergone a VIC will not be issued a V5C Logbook by the DVLA. It may also invalidate any insurance in place if this check hasn’t been undertaken and the loss type passed on to the respective insurance company.

Vehicle ID Check We have no record of this registration being subject to a Vehicle Identity Check.

Recorded Mileages †

Mileages are subject to availability so there won't always be a mileage on every vehicle checked. Mileage records are obtained from a number of sources throughout the UK automotive industry, including the DVLA. We may still be able to provide mileage records from previous MOTs if a Document Reference Number is taken from the V5C Logbook. This information is freely available on the internet and we can help you to obtain these records. Please bear in mind that vehicles do not require an MOT for the first three years of life from new.

We have the following mileages recorded for this registration:

  • 20,879 miles recorded on 18 Feb 2007
  • 20,701 miles recorded on 12 Feb 2007
  • 20,408 miles recorded on 24 Jan 2007
  • 13,600 miles recorded on 9 Feb 2006

Please note that mileages are supplied by third parties and are not validated. Mileages may be rounded to the nearest thousand.

Valuation †

Where possible we will provide a series of current valuations for the vehicle you are looking to purchase. Average mileage for the age of the vehicle will be used to generate these. For a more accurate valuation (e.g. for low or high mileage) please call our UK based call centre on 0330 331 0030.
Audi A6 (2011-) 5Dr Avant 2.0 TDi CR DPF SS 177 EU5 S line MTron Auto8
Forecourt Private Sale Trade-in Auction New
£23,530 £22,280 £21,660 £20,820 £36,490