Frequently Asked Questions

I received the message "No DVLA or police record found"

We could not find the registration number you supplied in our database. Please confirm the registration with the seller, taking care that similar letters and numbers, in particular zero and the letter 'O', are entered correctly.

I have not received any vehicle details, only a message saying "Thanks for using My Car Check"

If you only receive this message it means that you are not able to receive premium rate SMS messages. You are not charged for the "Thank you" message.

If you are using a Pay-As-You-Go mobile please ensure that you have enough credit to receive your reply. If you have a contract mobile please check with your service provider that you can receive premium rate SMS messages.

I have received the message "The data for this registration number is incomplete"

Sorry, the information for this vehicle is not available via My Car Check.

I have not received information regarding any outstanding finance.

If you wish to carry out a finance check please perform a check online or download our app.

I have not received mileage information

We do not hold mileage information for every vehicle on our database. Where we do hold mileage data you will be asked to text CHECKM followed by a space and the registration number, for which there will be a further charge of £3.00.

How do I perform a valuation?

Our valuation service is not available for every vehicle on our database. Where we hold valuation data you will be asked to text CHECKV followed by a space and the registration number, for which there will be a further charge of £1.50.

What is a Category D write-off?

Category D is the lightest of the four categories of loss, meaning the cost of the repair exceeded the pre-accident value of the vehicle, therefore the insurer decided not to repair.

As with any category of loss you should advise your own insurer of this marker, so that you are correctly covered.

What is a Category C write-off?

Category C is the heaviest of damage that is allowed back on public roads. It means the vehicle has been extensively damaged and that you should contact your own insurer before purchasing the vehicle.

A lot of insurers won't insure a Cat C and, of the ones that do, they normally ask for an independent engineer's report.

Also vehicles which have been written off as a Cat C since April 2003, are required by law to undergo a VIC test. This is an identity check which would be carried out by a VOSA garage. This has to be done before DVLA will issue a V5 in a new keeper's name.

I have received the wrong vehicle details

Please confirm the vehicle registration with the seller, and that you have entered it correctly on your text. If you believe that there is an error with the information held please contact us.

Please stop sending texts

We only respond to requests for information. Our service is not a subscription service.

What does Theft Unrecovered mean?

This vehicle has been recorded as being stolen, it would appear the insurer has paid out on the vehicle and it remains unrecovered. It may be the vehicle has been recovered and the insurer has not as yet updated their records to reflect this. We can investigate further on your behalf for which there would be a £20.00 fee payable by credit or debit card.