Guide To Car Data Checks


When a member of the public or a company decides to purchase a new or used vehicle - be it a motor car, motorcycle, light van or heavy commercial vehicle such as a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) - the chances are that they will not use a car data checking company before they complete their purchase. Vehicle data checks are known under many different names:

  • car-check or car check
  • vehicle history check
  • Police check
  • write-off check
  • anti fraud and theft check
  • car status check
  • car information
  • V5 check
  • log book check
  • look-up data
  • car history report
  • car finance check
  • hire purchase information
  • HPI and DVLA data check service

All check services, whatever they're called, have information supplied by the DVLA. If they do not, then the chances are they will not have enough data for you to be able to tell if any vehicle is what it is supposed to be. This will probably be down to them not having enough crucial information to check against, such as the chassis or engine number.

The number of buyers that check out a vehicle before they buy is very low in the UK as awareness is not as strong as in the USA - where everyone seems to check before they buy.

However, it is growing in the UK every year as people become more aware that you can do this type of check. Nearly everyone who has suffered through some form of vehicle fraud in the past will make sure that they carry out a check first before they buy.

Always make sure you check every vehicle you are thinking of buying; be it car, bike, van, heavy goods or three-wheeler! Remember that half the checks done are after the vehicle has been purchased because the new owners are concerned - so it makes sense to check first.

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  5. Imported Vehicles / Previous Owners
  6. Write-off/Accident Damage
  7. Performing a check - Incorrect numbers
  8. Performing a check - Personalised Numbers
  9. Consequences of buying a stolen car...