Stolen Vehicles Found In Containers Bound For Kenya and Cyprus

Car thief ,Shot of a male using a tool to break into a car.According to a recent story by the Mail Online, BMWs, Range Rovers and hundreds of bikes stolen from suburban driveways have been found in containers which were to be sent to Kenya and Cyprus. Hundreds of vehicle parts – some of which appear to belong to 12 BMWs reported as stolen from East London – were found at the Port of Felixstowe in Suffolk. Five Land Rover Range Rovers were also discovered in containers bound for Kenya after they were believed to have been stolen from Surrey, South Woodford and Islington.

The vehicles and parts, including engines, would have been exported to other countries to be sold, according to Operation Endeavour officers. No arrests have been made in relation to the containers which were examined as part of an operation with AVCIS yet and investigations are ongoing. However, officers have arrested 84 people, including 16 on suspicion of vehicle theft, as part of a nationwide clampdown on keyless theft.

This article caught our eye and we wonder if the number of keyless thefts in Britain will now decrease. The original article can be found here.