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Become a My Car Check associate and earn money on every sale you provide

Our associate programme allows you to earn money for any sales performed after your visitors click one of our banners or links on your website(s).

What can I earn as an associate?

We pay a 25% commission for every recorded vehicle check sale. We will regularly review our rates to ensure you are rewarded fairly.

How are sales tracked and where do I see sales reported?

We use an intelligent tracking system which will accurately and fairly identify all sales you have referred to us. Visitor and sales statistics are available using a dedicated login for each associate.

What about banners?

We supply all the necessary banners and links for your website, in a variety of different formats and sizes.

How can I join the programme?

Visit our dedicated page at Webgains, our associate programme provider, where you can learn more about the finer details and sign up instantly. Visit our associate programme homepage.

Existing Associates

Any associates who signed up before March 1st 2017 - Log in to view your current stats.