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  4. All mileages supplied are from third parties and therefore cannot be guaranteed by CDL VIS, please take into account vehicle's age, condition, number of former keepers etc. when assessing mileage data. Mileages may not be available for all vehicles.
  5. CDL VIS's data sources are based in mainland Great Britain (excluding, for the avoidance of doubt, Northern Ireland), therefore this website will not report events that have taken place outside of mainland Great Britain unless the information has been supplied by the relevant organisation in mainland Great Britain. You cannot make a claim under the guarantee for any loss in respect of a vehicle currently registered outside of mainland Great Britain or resulting from any event that occurred prior to first registration in mainland Great Britain.

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A Factsheet is not a vehicle check and should not be used to determine the provenance of a vehicle. It is advised that a comprehensive vehicle check is carried out before agreeing to purchase any vehicle.
You can carry out a comprehensive vehicle check using one of the paid-for checks here.
A Factsheet does not include and is not covered by our Vehicle Check Guarantee.
For more information about our Vehicle Check Guarantee, please read the following Terms & Conditions.
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Terms & Conditions for Guarantee

In undertaking your check you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions (below) and agree that these terms and conditions represent the extent of our liability in the event of any loss.

Terms & Abbreviations used:

Association of British Insurers
At risk
Where a third party has an interest in a vehicle and/or identified that a VRM is at risk of fraud or theft and /or there is a potential risk to you, the purchaser, from completing a purchase
The enquiry you make with us for a VRM
A stolen (or previously written off) vehicle bearing the identity of another
Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency
Hire Purchase (H.P.) and Lease Agreements
Hire Purchase
Motor Insurance Anti-Fraud Theft Register
Motor Trader
A person or business engaged in the full or part time importation, exportation, sale, leasing, financing, repair, maintenance, broking, repossession of vehicles or any company liquidators or vendor and/or installer of vehicle components (to include accessories and tyres)
National Policing Improvement Agency
A stolen vehicle bearing the identity of a vehicle previously deemed to be a total loss
Salvage Dealer
A party that engages, whether full or part time (solely or as part of their business) in the dismantling, breaking of vehicles and/or the sale or repair of salvage (whether or not categorised) or trades as an assessor, engineer, claims management (or assistance) company or recovery operator.
The enquirer
The person to whom we provide the search data, also referred to in the Terms & Conditions as 'you'.
Total Loss
Or 'write-off'; where an insurer has deemed the vehicle to be uneconomic to repair and categorised the Vehicle accordingly from A to D and F inclusive.
Registration Certificate (otherwise known as the V5, Registration Document or Log Book).
Vehicle Identity Check
Vehicle Identification Number
Vehicle Information Publishing
Vehicle Registration Mark
  1. Data Protection

    We will only disclose your personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act. In the event of a claim arising from your check or a dispute in respect of the vehicle ownership, you consent to us providing your data to any relevant party.

  2. Use of the Information

    We provide information for your personal use. The data we provide you must not be sold to any other.

  3. The Guarantee

    We provide you with information we obtain from the DVLA, NPIA, ABI and Finance Houses. Our guarantee is that we will provide you the data we receive from the ABI, NPIA and Finance Houses in respect of the VRM which you checked. The extent of our liability is with regard to the VRM the subject of the check. We do not guarantee the actions and / or failures of third parties over whom we have no control. In the event the adverse data fails to appear on our registers as a result of our error and / or we fail to pass the adverse data we possess to you, where this failure results from our actions and you suffer loss of title or a diminution in value of the vehicle due to the incomplete, inaccurate or untrue information we impart, the Guarantee may be claimed upon.

    IMPORTANT: The guarantee is subject to terms and conditions and it is very important that you read and understand these as they may affect your ability to claim and the success of any claim.

    The guarantee is personal to the enquirer and is not transferable. The enquirer must be the person undertaking the purchase of the vehicle; for any claim to proceed the enquirer must be present at the time of the purchase; the enquirer must be present when the vehicle is received, when the purchase funds are handed over and the enquirer must have compared all the information we provide with the vehicle itself and the Registration Certificate.

    1. What we Guarantee:

      The Guarantee provides compensation in the event of our:

      1. error when receiving data from the Finance House, ABI or the NPIA or,
      2. failure to provide data in our possession in respect of Stolen and Insurance Total Loss vehicles, which directly results in you suffering a financial loss (defined below).

      The Guarantee is limited to the stolen, finance and/or total loss registers.

      The Finance (Finance House) Guarantee extends to Finance as defined and does not extend to Bills Of Sale or Personal Loans.

      We guarantee, subject to these terms and conditions, data transfer, not the integrity of the vehicle you check. This is the extent of the Guarantee and in proceeding with the check you accept this.

    2. Guarantee period:

      1. The Guarantee is valid for 12 calendar months from the date of enquiry or until you sell the vehicle, which ever occurs first.

    3. What we do not Guarantee:

      We do not Guarantee data out of our control i.e. that is in the possession of the Finance House, ABI and / or NPIA and has not been, or could not have been, transferred to us and:

      1. Any data except the stolen and total loss records held in respect of the VRM upon which you checked.
      2. Any check undertaken of VRMs associated with a cloned or ringed car. We do not guarantee data provided about any vehicle bearing a false identity.
      3. Any check undertaken of a vehicle that it transpires was stolen other than within mainland UK and / or was ever registered abroad.
      4. Mileage.
      5. Keeper data; the number of keepers or the date of keeper changes.
      6. Any vehicle obtained from, or by, another by deception / fraud.
      7. A vehicle's description, value, documentation, condition or roadworthiness.
      8. Any vehicle check / or vehicle in respect of which there is a discrepancy between the data on the V5C, the vehicle itself and the data we supply you.
      9. Any vehicle check and / or vehicle in respect of which there is a discrepancy between the VRM and VIN you supply
      10. Any vehicle check in respect of a VRM against which there is an 'at risk', stolen, finance or total loss interest
      11. Any vehicle check in respect of which there is a discrepancy between any mileage we provide, that displayed on the vehicle or mileage (or mileages) contained within correspondence accompanying the vehicle i.e. servicing papers or MOT.
      12. Any event that occurs after the check was undertaken.
      13. Any check following which the vehicle was not purchased and in the enquirer's possession, within 10 days
      14. Information in respect of vehicles Registered outside of mainland Britain (England, Scotland & Wales) at the time of the check
      15. Purchases that occurred outside of mainland Britain (England, Scotland & Wales)
      16. Any claim for loss where you, or anyone acting for you, know that any part of the claim is false or fraudulent. We may cancel the Guarantee and we may also involve the relevant authorities to bring criminal proceedings.
      17. Any purchase where the acquisition was from a friend, relative, partner or someone known to you.
      18. Any claim for loss where you fail to co-operate with the police and / or us and / or our agents.
      19. Any claim for loss that results from any untrue, incomplete or inaccurate data you supply us or any error, whether intentional or accidental, on your part to include withholding of material data.
      20. Any claim for loss where you are unable to provide us with the vendor's full name, address, phone number and evidence of calling same prior to the purchase.
      21. Any vehicle purchased from a motor trader, salvage dealer, or any sale advertised as 'trade'.
      22. Any claim for loss or damage where you are unable to provide us with proof of purchase for a vehicle for which you paid more than £1000. Proof of purchase will be a bank (or similar) statement displaying a single withdrawal of at least 80% of the purchase price or a cheque / draft payable to the vendor which must be made out to the vendor's name, as opposed to a third party.
      23. Any claim for loss in respect of which you have obtained a loan, other than with an FSA registered finance company, where you are unable to provide us with proof of repayment. Proof of repayment will be a bank (or similar) statement displaying relevant and if appropriate, regular, withdrawals.
      24. Any claim for loss in respect of a vehicle for which, other than in the case of a loan with an FSA registered finance company, you have not paid in full.
      25. Any claim for loss or damage arising from a purchase which we consider resulted from you failing to act in a reasonably cautious manner, to include a failure to consider and / or complete any or all of the additional literature we provided at the time of the check.
      26. A vehicle that has in its history been damaged but was not, at the time of your purchase, recorded by an insurer as a total loss category A, B, C, D, F, S, N or otherwise, on MIAFTR.
      27. Any vehicle purchased from a salvage dealer, or auction house or in respect of which the vendor has advised you of any collision, fire or water damage history.
      28. Any vehicle the subject of a category C notification that has not undergone a VIC before your purchase.
      29. Where the purchase price, the sum you paid, was 33% or more less than the market price. The market price will be deemed by reference to VIP and take into consideration mileage, age and value.
      30. Any vehicle that has been the subject of a plate change / transfer in its history
      31. Any vehicle that, on the day and time of purchase, was untaxed and / or was not the subject of an MOT in force on that day and / or was not the subject of an insurance specific to that vehicle.
      32. Any vehicle displaying a 'Q' mark and / or any vehicle in respect of which the VIN contains the sequential letters 'VRO' (a VIN issued by a Vehicle Registration Office)
      33. Any post 1980 vehicle in respect of which the VIN is other than 17 alpha numeric figures.
      34. Any check in respect of which you have not provided us a VIN that corresponds with the VIN data we hold before you purchase the vehicle.
      35. Any claim in respect of a vehicle which, without our express written permission, you sell after you became aware of information giving rise to the claim.
      36. Any claim arising from an event before the vehicle was first registered with the DVLA Swansea.
      37. Any check provided to the motor trade (a motor trader) or in respect of a vehicle that is covered by a motor trade insurance policy on or subsequent to the date of purchase.
      38. Any check provided to a finance company.
      39. Information that we do not provide i.e. finance data and information that we could not possess on the date of your enquiry i.e. vehicles that had been stolen but had not been reported as such to the police.

        Data transfer delays

        We do not guarantee any claim arising from the normal delay understandably and reasonably associated with the transfer of data from the supplier to us. These unavoidable delay periods, the exemptions, are as follows:

      40. THEFT. We do not guarantee checks or purchases that occur BEFORE we received the data in the relevant batch transfer*. This will be considered an event before the data could be in our possession and therefore excluded from the Guarantee.
      41. TOTAL LOSS. We do not guarantee checks or purchases that occur BEFORE we received the data in the relevant batch transfer* nor do we guarantee checks or purchases that occurred BEFORE the insurance company has concluded their involvement in any claim giving rise to a total loss categorisation and / or before the insurance company releases the vehicle for disposal AND placed the VRM on MIAFTR.
      42. FINANCE. We do not guarantee checks or purchases that occur BEFORE we received the data from the relevant Finance House. This will be considered an event before the data could be in our possession and therefore excluded from the Guarantee.

      *A batch transfer is the means by which we receive data from third party suppliers, an electronic transfer of the data. There is necessarily a delay between data being provided to the third party supplier, their inputting the data onto their data system and this being sent to and recorded by us. Our Guarantee is effective in respect of searches undertaken after the time we received the data or should have received the data.

    4. Guarantee financial limits:

      1. For loss of title as a result of the VRM you checked upon being reported to the police as stolen as at the date and time of your check and this information having failed to reach us due to an error (as opposed to a natural and / or unavoidable delay): a sum not exceeding £20,000 where a platinum check was undertaken, £10,000 where a gold check was undertaken or £5,000 where a classic check was undertaken or market value as at the date of claim, or the price you paid for the vehicle, or the sum payable to acquire good title whichever is the lesser.
      2. For loss of title as a result of the VRM you checked upon being the subject of outstanding finance as at the date and time of your check and this information having failed to reach us due to an error (as opposed to a natural and / or unavoidable delay): a sum not exceeding £20,000 where a platinum check was undertaken, £10,000 where a gold check was undertaken or £5,000 where a classic check was undertaken or market value as at the date of claim, or the price you paid for the vehicle, or the sum payable to acquire good title whichever is the lesser.
      3. For reduction in market value as a result of the VRM you checked upon being deemed, to our satisfaction, a 'total loss' or 'write-off' (insurance category A, B, C or D salvage) as at the date and time of your check and this information having failed to reach us due to an error (as opposed to a natural and / or unavoidable delay): a sum not exceeding £3,000 or 1/3rd of the market value as at the date of claim, or 1/3rd of the price you paid for the vehicle, whichever is the lesser.
      4. In undertaking the check you agree that in any circumstances (including, without limitation, if we have been negligent) we shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or for any loss of business, capital, profit, reputation or goodwill whether caused by us, our servants or agents arising out of or in connection with the contract or its subject matter. In undertaking the check you agree that the extent of your claim will comprise the loss defined at 4a or 4b (above).

    5. Market value

      1. will be calculated by reference to VIP

    6. To qualify for the Guarantee:

      1. The check must be undertaken by you, the buyer, before the purchase occurs.
      2. The person undertaking the vehicle check must be present at the purchase.
      3. You must not be aware of information confirming, suggesting or giving you reason to suspect that the vehicle has an adverse history or was subject to the problem in respect of which you are claiming.
      4. The vehicle must be accompanied by a V5C (Registration Certificate), the new style fold-over, four-sided (A3) document issued by the DVLA. You must ensure that the serial number is present
      5. The V5C provided or produced to you by the vendor at purchase must not be a 'duplicate'
      6. You must be able to provide evidence that you received, as a minimum, the V5C/2, the New Keeper Supplement provided by the vendor.
      7. All information we provide must match the data appearing on the registration certificate
      8. You must, before the purchase, provide us with the VIN from the vehicle and this must match the VRM you are checking with us
      9. You must ensure that all Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) markings on the vehicle match one another i.e. they are identical to each other. This must include, but not be restricted to, the stamped in VIN, VIN tag under the bonnet and visible VIN situated in the windscreen.
      10. Where the vehicle is less than 5 years old, the visible VIN, situated in the window of the car, must be present
      11. On the day of the purchase, you must complete in full the Purchase Receipt that accompanies the check result we supplied. This receipt must be signed by the vendor.
      12. The Purchase Receipt must be kept safe and the original provided in the event of a claim. Failure to supply the ORIGINAL purchase receipt (save for when it has been seized by the police) will invalidate any claim.
      13. If a private purchase, you must acquire the car:
        1. At the home address of the vendor which must be the address appearing upon the V5C.
        2. from the person whose name appears upon the V5C
      14. you must take all reasonable steps to confirm that the identity of the vendor is that appearing upon the V5C

    7. Claims procedures

      1. Claims must be notified on-line to our claims handlers at www.cmaclaims.co.uk/check/.
      2. As soon as you become aware of a problem, dispute or potential claim or claim involving the vehicle you must, without delay notify us immediately. Failure to notify us within 5 working days of you becoming aware of the issue will exclude the claim.
      3. We reserve the right to appoint an engineer to examine any vehicle the subject of a claim under this Guarantee. You agree to make the vehicle available and to stand by any findings.
      4. You must provide MyCarCheck and their appointed claims handlers all reasonable assistance to address the claim.
      5. You agree that all contact in respect of the claim will be with our designated claims handlers, Claims Management & Adjusting Ltd.
      6. If, for operational purposes, the police have asked you not to notify us of the dispute we will require you to:
        1. obtain written notice of the request from the police
        2. Advise the police in writing that you do not give up your claim to title and receive written acknowledgement of this from them
      7. In accepting settlement you agree:
        1. to assist MyCarCheck to pursue recovery from any third party
        2. to assist the police to prosecute any third party
        3. In the case of a cloned or ringed vehicle you retain, to reinstate the vehicle's identity at a manufacturer's dealer.

    Nothing in these terms and conditions affects your statutory rights.

    Document Reference: 20121107/Generic/GTC/1400/1.9